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Weight training is for anyone who wants to become stronger, leaner, and who wants to enjoy better, overall fitness.  It is an essential component of all my work out plans for our clients.


Park Training Schedule:

7:00 AM

6:30 PM

Selected days

Please call for more information.  As people sign up, we increase days and times.

 Small Group Personal Training.

Benefits of Training with ME!!:

-It is affordable!  Compare my rates to big box gyms and one on one sessions.

-It is personalized:  unlike huge group camps or classes!

-You get personalized attention to assure safety, efficiency of moves, and correct technique!



Personal training is just that--personal. We work with you one-on-one (or perhaps in a pre-arranged duo) once or twice a week.  During the session, we work on pre-established goals such as strengthening, flexibility, rehabilitation, agility, etc.  Most personal training clients prefer one on one attention and the personal interaction between me and them.  Additionally, most personal training clients are focused on increased strength (NOT SIZE!!) and/or weight loss.  Personal training clients are tracked on a biweekly or monthly basis to assure that we are  meeting the goals established by the client.  To try out a free session, make personalized arrangements wiith us. 


  Check out our

12 Week Transformation Program!!

Are you ready to get fit and lose weight in February?  If you accept the challenge, I promise you that you WILL get fit and lose that weight.  We will give you the skills to get the weight off and keep it off.  That is my promise to you!  Call me today for a FREE session where we will go over all the details.

           TRX TRAINING


TRX training is suspension training that uses the core all the time.  There are TRX training moves for the entire body:  lower body, core, arms, chest, back, and shoulders.  A TRX workout allows you to work out your entire body in 30 minutes or less and the great variety of exercises ensures that each client can maximize their time spent with this device.  It is ideal for strength, agility, and rehabilitation, and many moves can be adjusted to fit the needs of those who are rehabilitating from injury.  To schedule a free work out in TRX, contact us.

           CORE STRENGTH


A strong core is essential to good posture, proper balance, proper gait, and body alignment.  Strengthening the core is a major part of all our work out programs for our clients.

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