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Watching and Waiting: The Current Excuse

I've talked to a few people lately. in a casual setting, about working with a trainer. And it is really interesting to me how excuses for not training change over time. It seems that there is always a certain excuse that comes to the fore: that excuse will last for 3-4 months and be replaced by another one. I attribute this to social media and its ability to disseminate info quickly. is the current excuse for not working with a trainer. And my response to it.

Watching and waiting........waiting for the perfect "deal" economically.

Any Trainer worth his or her certificate will offer a list of "cheap" gyms and programs to these potential clients. Then they can train in a large group and do a standardized work out with many people in a large room, where supervision is limited and injuries can occur.

But the real question is this: What is the true value of this training? Do you want the cheap alternative or the results-driven alternative? BTW: the cost of monthly personal training equals the cost of your daily Drive Thru Coffee Habit......

Does the results-driven alternative cost more? Yes. Why???????

Reason #1: The program is designed to suit your current physical abilities

Reason #2: The program is designed to take into account your current level of fitness (novice, advanced...)

Reason #3: The program is designed to train you regardless of physical limitations (bum knee...)

Reason #4: The program is designed to meet your personal fitness goals (weight loss/rehabilitation/upper body strength...)

Reason #5: Your trainer knows you; you know your trainer, and you begin to trust that the trainer will deliver for you. And the trainer knows you will deliver for her/him.

These are the top five reasons why working with a qualified trainer, in a group or small group or one on one setting, delivers results.

The overriding question is this: How much longer can you afford to wait for the "perfect" deal? Isn't your physical, mental, and psychological health worth the investment?

PS Remember that the monthly cost of personal training is equal to that of your daily Drive thru Coffee Habit.......

Hit me up and we will set up the perfect program for you. The first person who signs up and mentions this blog post will receive 4 free sessions added to any 3 month package.


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