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Here are some testimonials from clients of Personal Training Team!!  We hope they inspire you to join us and embark on the fitness journey.


Kristie Abbot-Walker, at PTT, is very dedicated to your well-being. She has helped me, over the last 18 months, shed almost 100 lbs, increase my general health, get off of my blood pressure medications, and keeps my blood glucose within a healthy range with her boot camps and instructions for exercise outside of the gym. The gym is clean and congenial. Intimidation is not the word of the day here. Equipment is used (and taught) to high standards. I love PTT and Kristie!


I love the intimate atmosphere of the gym:  it isn't big and loud and intimidating.  And I love my trainer.  She is patient, supportive, and understands my goals.  JS


The group training classes are WONDERFUL!!  They are small and each client gets individual attention.  So unlike other gyms that cram 40 to 50 people in, and where people are expected to work out with minimal supervision.  I can't say enough about the classes  at PTT!!  PR


The gym has a new sandbag and TRX training class.  What fun!!!  A truly challenging workout for me!!  MN

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