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The Promise of Spring

Spring has finally arrived in the Diablo Valley. After months of much needed rain, when the world seemed like it was hibernating, all of a sudden I am gifted with beauty everywhere I look. This morning I was delighted to see two robins searching for worms and grubs on the lawn. I was doubly delighted to see a hummingbird in the birdbath--splashing and washing herself before the sun had even peeked over the hills.

I don't know about you, but the warmer weather and the bright skies nudge me in the right direction. While winter is my time to bundle up and binge watch stuff on the weekends, Spring finds me outside in the yard, delighting in the Giants game on the radio and taking care of my flowers and a few vegetables I managed to get to grow. I also find myself thinking of how I can better myself; its as if cultivating plants and cultivating myself go hand in hand. While I weed the yard, I also weed out negative thoughts and cultivate positive and happy thoughts. As I nurture my flowers, I also nurture myself. I deserve to take care of myself; I deserve the time and energy necessary to better myself.

Does Spring renew you as it does me? Do you feel it's time to cultivate healthy habits and feel good about yourself? Is it time to stop hibernating and get out there and nurture yourself? I believe so. You are worth it and now is the time.

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